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"I just wanted to let you know some of the compliments I have heard regarding the Trophy Room.  After looking around, Herman said, 'I thought this quality of work had been lost years ago, it's beautiful.' After looking and feeling the finish on the wood another contractor turned around and said, 'I don't know who did this wood work but they are not from this area, this is the best work I have ever seen.' The compliments go on and on...the beauty of the wood is outstanding."  
—Rod and Ama McDermid, Rod McDermid Masonry
Portales, New Mexico

"[Julian and Sons'] workmanship and design capabilities are incredible, I have never seen its equal anywhere. They are extremely cooperative and helpful. They anticipate and work out problems and changes...that always pop up on a complicated job... I am not able to conjure up the words to adequately express the high level of my recommendation for [Julian and Sons]." 
—John L. Gregg, Gregg's Artistic Homes
Glendale, California


"[Julian and Sons'] artistry and craftsmanship are unsurpassed in quality. With only verbal descriptions and rough sketches they have created beautiful, one-of-a-kind, custom masterpieces for us. [Julian and Sons'] knowledge of their craft and their relentless attention to detail make them the premier custom furniture designer and maker in the country."
—Walter V. Smiley, Smiley Investment Company
Heber Springs, Arkansas

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"When we first met [Julian and Sons] several years ago we immediately sensed a strong sense of integrity and pride in your work...Meeting you and discussing our plans in person convinced us that a Julian and Sons trophy room was what we had been searching for...The quality of the workmanship from Julian and Sons is beyond anything I have ever seen anywhere at any price. When friends and visitors are in the trophy room they are in awe of the beauty of the African Padauk and the fine detail in all aspects of the wood work you did for us."
—Paul M. Keller, MD, Atlantic Orthopedic Group
Melbourne, Florida

"I find Tom [Julian] to be not only an outstanding craftsman who takes the utmost care in building every piece of furniture and wood craft as though building it for his own home, but he also tends to have an uncanny knack of taking ideas while working for the client and totally personalizing the decor to match the personality and needs of the home owners. He also takes extra care in making the transition into such display areas quite nicely."
—John T. Woloszyn, MD, Arkansas Orthopedics PA
Jonesboro, Arkansas


"The quality of your workmanship totally exceeded any expectations. I truly believe you are a master craftsman when it comes to working with wood. Right from the beginning you were very attentive to my needs and desires. Your ideas enhanced my needs in both the pre and post phase of our projects. During the building of our ideas you were always looking for ways to do things better to enhance the final project...Words are not enough to express my satisfaction with your work."
—George F. Riley, Clover Communications, Inc.
Novi, Michigan


"I have known and admired the work of [Julian and Sons] for over 15 years...I firmly believe that Julian and Sons does the very best quality work of its type in the country and perhaps the world. I recently moved into new offices and refused to give up my fourteen year old desk. One hour of touch up and the desk and credenza were absolutely like new. The continuing services they give their clients is equel to the furniture they builds. The Julian family has a work ethic and commitment to their customers not often seen today."
—Jim Ayers
Parsons, Tennessee

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"Thank you for the excellent work you accomplished with our trophy and living room and our wet bar area. From start to finish Eleanor and I appreciated the professionalism you demonstrated in our home as well as when meeting with us. Your creativity and expertise, from the outstanding crafted design to the selection of wood grain, was above and beyond our satisfaction. We applaud you and are delighted with the outcome of what we consider our prize winning room." 
—Scott Petty, Jr.
San Antonio, Texas

"When I first met Tom, he designed and helped me in bringing my goal and dream of a trophy room to life. Then I had a second experience with an even larger and more specialized trophy room. [Julian and Sons] has also built a custom office desk and several pedestal cabinets for me. Their work is detailed and of very exceptional quality."
—Paul A. Gardener, Heller's Gas, Custom Made Fireplaces and Owen's Corning Cultured Stone
Berwick, Pennsylvania


"I was a little leery about someone coming so many miles away to perform such custom work...They arrived with a huge trailer and a team of workers and got right at it. There was no inconvenience in my life whatsoever. I could not believe the progress they made. In a few short days Paul's dream came true. They gave us beautiful ideas and thought of things we never dreamed of. Our room was completed in a short time. Amazing!"
—Tina Gardner,
Berwick, Pennsylvania


"I wish to thank you again for your inventiveness in producing the one of a kind walnut television cabinet and sliding doors featuring Bruce Alexander's mule deer carvings for my great room. It is a beautiful focal point on the fireplace...Being able to watch you all work gave me a real appreciation for the skill and effort it takes to bring a Julian and Sons project to completion."
—Peter A. Larsen, MD, Blacktail Canyon Ranch
Newcastle, Wyoming

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